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Our Story

Communications and connections in the science community online have been... well lacking. And that's where SciLynk came in. With connections and communication in mind, we designed Scilynk to push the limits of scientific discovery, aiming to not only build long-lasting relationships but to provide resources and tools to those who would not have had access to them before. Eventually, our idea evolved into a comprehensive social network for all science enthusiasts, ranging from youth aspiring to work in a STEM career to industry professionals. With SciLynk's suite of professional tools to enjoyable networking features, we are confident that our advanced platform will revolutionize scientific communications!

Connection is key

SciLynk is an effort to create connections within the scientific community, whether it be for opportunities or online collaboration. Social media has exhibited tremendous potential and we are tapping into that potential for the scientific community. Science lovers should have a platform to ask and answer questions, connect and follow others, and join niche science groups that they are interested in - and that is what SciLynk is all about!

A sneak-peek at some of our features...


With over 30 unique science groups, SciLynk offers a place for everyone in the scientific community. Our feature-rich groups range from Immunology to Astrophysics, where members will be able to post their content to share with the rest of the group. 


SciLynk was built on the belief that connecting like-minded scientific individuals will help further their scientific passions and goals. On SciLynk, students, professors, and researchers will be able to connect with one another - providing a plethora of opportunities!


Private message or create group chats with the people you connect with on the platform. Our mission is to connect people through their passions for science - what good would that if we didn't have a messaging system for people to communicate! One of SciLynk's goals is for students to be able to connect with industry professionals to get opportunities and clarifications to inquires they may have about their fields.


SciLynk has implemented advanced forums to enable thought-provoking questions, enlightening responses, and overall meaningful discussions. Users will be able to follow and subscribe to certain forums and even receive email notifications, should they choose to, discussions they are interested in. Forums also feature nested replies, for organization and ease of use.

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