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Every minute counts. Leave behind archaic methods of finding, organizing, and analyzing research and let SciLynk handle it instead.

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SciLynk has everything you need to get your research off the ground. With an expansive database of papers, authors, journals, and more, you'll never have to look anywhere else.

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Discover new papers

Personalized Intuitive Feeds

At SciLynk, we believe in taking the hassle out of research by bringing the research to you.

Custom Keywords.
Add keywords to create multiple personalized feeds that tailor to your own dynamic interests.
Rich Filters.
Fine-tune your feed using keyword, author, journal, and other filters to find exactly what you need.
View beautiful and comprehensive displays important publication metadata for any given paper in your feed.
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Find what you're looking for

Holistic & Relevant Search

Looking for a research search engine that can keep up with your curiosity? Look no further than SciLynk!

Lynx AI.
Your personal AI research assistant that will summarize search results and key findings to distill complex concepts at a glance.
Multidimensional Results.
From papers and authors to institutions and concepts, SciLynk provides you with a large variety of results for your query.
Fine-tune Your Results.
With a powerful filter panel to accompany your expansive search results, you will be able to narrow down your query and sort your results.
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Never miss out on important details

Rich Metadata

Visualize research metadata in a beautiful and intuitive way, without compromising on breadth of information.

Concept Linking.
View any and all concepts related to a given academic entity, whether it be authors, papers, institutions, or journals.
Data Visualizations.
Interact with beautiful data visualizations so you can understand what you are looking at better.
Search Within.
Find the right paper within your data entity of choice using advanced filters or intra-keyword searches.
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Organize efficiently

Simplified Paper Collections

Say goodbye to archaic workflows like downloading research papers and keeping track of DOI links in spreadsheets.

All In One Place.
Aggregate all of your research paper collections in one easy-to-find place.
Export To BibTeX.
SciLynk integrates with your favorite reference managers so that you can turn your collections into customized bibliographies.
Find Specific Papers.
Sort and filter through your collections to find the paper you're looking for in seconds.
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Leave behind archaic methods of finding, organizing, and analyzing research and let SciLynk handle it instead.