v1.0.0June 1, 2023
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SciLynk Version 1.0.0 Changelog
SciLynk Version 1.0.0 Changelog
Stanley ZhaoCo-Founder/CTO

🎉 Public Beta

We're happy to announce SciLynk is in public beta! You can now register without an invite here! If you encounter any bugs or issues, don't hesitate to let the team know at :)

✨ New

  • Keyword-based feeds: Feeds now use custom keywords instead of choosing from a limited pool of concepts.
  • Dark mode: SciLynk is now dark themed (we will be adding a toggle between light and dark if it is highly requested).
  • Collection Exports: Export collections to BibTeX files to sync SciLynk collections with your favorite reference management softwares.

💡 Improvements

  • Faster search entity toggling
  • Improved feed specifity
  • Increased range of recency for feed publications

🗑️ Removed

  • Concept-based feeds: These feeds no longer are supported by SciLynk. If you need help deleting them or creating new ones, contact us.