v1.0.1June 15, 2023
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SciLynk Version 1.0.1 Changelog
SciLynk Version 1.0.1 Changelog
Arnav ChakravarthyCo-Founder/CEO

New landing, new looks, and more

We want to make sure our users can identify with our team and platform more. With our new landing page tree, you will be able to see more comprehensive details about the platform itself and insights into our teams' updates!

✨ New

  • About Page: Get to know our mission and team better with our new about page.
  • Changelog: Our team is committed to maintaining transparency about our updates to hold ourselves accountable to our users.
  • Contact Us: Nothing to explain here, just an easy way to contact our team!
  • Press Kit: New guidelines and assets for usage of the SciLynk brand online.
  • Status: Check SciLynk's statuses on our status page for updates on issues with feeds, data, Lynx, etc.

💡 Improvements

  • Landing page: Our landing page is revamped to match the rest of the site's aesthetic. Enjoy a more comprehensive and futuristic outlook on SciLynk's facets.

🗑️ Removed

  • Landing Demo: The landing page demo for searching for papers has been removed.