v1.1.0August 4, 2023
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SciLynk Version 1.1.0 Changelog
SciLynk Version 1.1.0 Changelog
Stanley ZhaoCo-Founder/CTO

Major revamps, new Enterprise features, and what's up next

Happy Independence Day! A lot of major changes to talk about for SciLynk. Some highlights include the revamped Feeds, Collections, and the addition of new Enterprise features! We'll also be talking about what's coming up next at the bottom of this post 👀!

✨ New

Enterprise users can now create an Organization on SciLynk!

  • Organization dashboard for administrators is now in beta
    • We're open to feedback! If you encounter a bug or have features you'd like to see, let us know!
  • Features include:
    • Overview with basic analytics, recently viewed papers from organization
    • Users overview with ability to invite, edit, and remove users from your organization
    • Settings with option to rename organization, more to come soon!

💡 Improvements

  • Feeds: Updated feed controls to be more compact and creation flow
    • Added the ability to edit your feed name and keywords
  • Collections: Updated controls and creation flow
  • Incorrect Password Bug: Several users encountered incorrect password errors while logging in
    • We've identified the issue, alerted the affected users, and patched it in the new version
  • Lynx Caching Issue: Users were encountering issues with Lynx not updating when a new query was entered
    • We've identified the issue and patched it in the new version
  • AWS SDK: Updated to latest version
  • Navigation: Updated to reflect the removal of Notes, minor visual changes for better consistency
  • Filter Widget: Rephrased for clearer wording
  • Global Layout: Minor changes to styling, color palette consistency, and padding
  • Login/Register Page: Minor changes to layout
  • Blog/Changelog: Changed image formats to .webp for better performance

🗑️ Removed

  • Notes: After some careful consideration, we've decided to remove the notes feature entirely from SciLynk

⏳ Upcoming

  • More Enterprise features
  • Dedicated roadmap page for better readibility + more transparency
  • Improvements to Feeds