v1.2.0September 9, 2023
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SciLynk Version 1.2.0 Changelog
SciLynk Version 1.2.0 Changelog
Stanley ZhaoCo-Founder/CTO

Shared Collections, import/export Feeds, and more improvements

Take advantage of the power of collaboration with this week's update to Collections and Feeds! This week's update also features several patches and updates for an even smoother, bug-free experience.

✨ New

  • Collections: Enterprise users can now share collections with other users within their organization on SciLynk!
    • Permissions control has been implemented to allow for setting users as editors or viewers.
  • Feeds: Added import/export controls to allow for the easy sharing and creation of feeds
    • Export a feed by generating a SciLynk feed code
    • Other SciLynk users can copy this code and import it to easily create the same feed.

💡 Improvements

  • Search: Performance has been optimized and search metadata has been added
    • Number of results and response time is now displayed at the top of searches
    • Display/loading states have been improved
    • Funder entity has been added to the search results and search bar
  • Papers: Panel for saving papers has been improved to be more clear and consistent
  • Authors: More data is now being displayed about an author
    • These include h-index, i-10 index, and last time the data was updated.
  • Entity Page Caching Issue: Users were encountering issues with papers on two pages of the same entity type not updating
    • We've identified the issue and patched it in the new version
  • Publications/Citations Graph: Improved legends/axis readability and wording consistency