v1.3.0October 22, 2023
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SciLynk Version 1.3.0 Changelog
SciLynk Version 1.3.0 Changelog
Stanley ZhaoCo-Founder/CTO

Collection Notes

This week's update introduces the ability for enterprise users to add notes to papers in collections, as well as a few bug fixes/improvements.

✨ New

  • Collection Notes: Enterprise users can now write and edit notes on papers in their collection
    • Notes are only viewable within the collection
    • Notes are viewable by anyone that the collection is shared to
    • Notes do not carry over across collections. This allows you to write a unique note for the same paper in different collections!
    • Notes are editable for those with Editor permissions in a collection
      • Otherwise they will be read-only

💡 Improvements

  • Collections: Users were encountering issues with collections not loading correctly
    • We've identified the issue and patched it in the new version
  • Enterprise: Enterprise users who are members in their organization will no longer see the Dashboard icon on the side navbar
    • This is to reduce confusion; only an administrator/organization owner can view the Dashboard
  • Register: Page has been optimized for better load times when cached
    • Users may still encounter slower load times on cold starts (this will be monitored and improved in the future)